2016 – My Year in Review

It’s the time of year to look back and reflect on what you have achieved and plan for the new year. Rather than focus on individual works and exhibitions, here is my list of:-

Things I learnt in 2016. (Textile related)

1. How to properly use a seam ripper– I know I’ve been sewing for 40+ years…

2. How the bobbin actually works on my sewing machine (see above)

3. How lovely Perth is…when you stop to look and discover the buildings

4. The incredible amount of stuff that gets thrown away and the cost(s) of manufacturing said items. I’ve started to really consider my purchases (new clothing especially)

5. The lovely Beverley Station Arts– I want some time here 🙂

6. Years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt I would spend soooo much time writing about my work.

7. How gut wrenchingly hard making very personal works can be to make, and how uplifting completion is.

8. It still amazes me how Google connects all over the world.

9. Bullet Journal – I trialed this analog diary in December and it works for me far better than any other commercial diary/calendar/digital program.

These things I did know and have reconfirmed in 2016 :-

1. How much publicity WAM gives you.

2. Having your work juried is a very subjective thing…however, exhibition rejection letters are still challenging to deal with.

3. My work takes a LONG time.

4. Every work has challenging elements, especially when trialing new ideas, techniques and ways of working.

5. Deadlines are the best way for me to get work done.

6. I have to keep making – I get very frustrated and bored when not working on something.

7.Through the common interest of textiles, I have made a lot of lovely, interesting friendships.

8. Inspiration and the connection of ideas appears in the oddest of places…it’s a reminder to keep going out, not just to art events, but all sorts of places.

9. That the art exhibitions, talks, workshops and events that I have the pleasure of participating in, are in the vast majority run by volunteers. Without these wonderful people willing to give of their time and skills (often at the expense of having time to make their own work) our textile community would be much poorer. I am truly grateful to them all.


7 thoughts on “2016 – My Year in Review

  1. A very satisfying read! I am in accord with much of what you reconfirmed in 2016, especially that my work takes a long time to make, that I get bored and restless if I don’t have at least 1 project on the go, and that inspiration comes from unexpected places – when you are following a track, it tracks you!

  2. This is really inspiring and has me thinking. I’ve have finally found the time to read your article in Textile Down Under well done Louise!

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