8000 Buttons + Rain + Sunshine + Time

Sculptures on the Scarp 2019 was held a couple of weekends ago. It rained and rained and rained on install day. It rained on the first day, friends were concerned that my work would be getting wet…Yes, it was, but fabric and buttons are designed to get wet, so I wasn’t too concerned.

What I didn’t consider, was on that final sunny day, as the buttons and fabric dried out in the sunshine, they absorbed some of the colour in the bush. Some of the individual buttons have dyed silvery greys, other hints of rusty tones.On a few of the pieces the thread I used to stitch the buttons has also developed rusty tones. I’m surprised and delighted that  plastic buttons and polyester thread has dyed so well.Thanks to Kerrie Argent for all the lovely photos on location. A couple of night time images

The work on show at Sculptures on the Scarp looked amazing. You can see the work of all the Artists Here.

1 thought on “8000 Buttons + Rain + Sunshine + Time

  1. I noticed the subtle colours in the buttons and some of the thread when I saw the installation – and said to myself – hey, I thought Louise was only using white buttons! This was early in the exhibition, so I’d love to see the work now. It was a very good exhibition overall, many fine and thoughtful pieces in a great setting. Love your ideas!

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