Third Dimension

Colour Project – Orange, Part 6

Three views – Circles cut from a silk scarf I painted many years ago backed onto wood block printing orange cotton. This is going to develop into something…

Quite zingy – satin and cottons printed, triangles stitched and folded back.



These petals are made by – back left, folding a circle in half and gathering along the raw edge and front and right, gathering along theĀ  folded edge.

Above and below – double sided cut out “Flower” shapes from various orange scraps. Height created by adding seed beads between the layers.

Final two orange samples inspired by a technique using shoe laces to create a flower. These are individual strips of orange fabric scraps. Central assembly needs attention.

Can’t say I now LOVE orange, although I have found the challenge has produced some of the most inspiring samples so far.

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