A Bit of All Sorts

In the last 10 days a bit of all sorts has happened. All good, interesting stuff.

Firstly, last Tuesday evening our MELD group presented “The Making of an Exhibition” to the WAFTA membership. The talk was about how the group started and what lead to the decision to hold a group exhibition, and then the processes involved from that initial decision right through to the evaluation after bump out. We hope to have inspired others to consider exhibiting in a small group. You can read about the processes from the beginning on the MELD blog

Liz Arnold, Louise Wells, Margaret Ford and Julie Devereux

Liz Arnold, Louise Wells, Margaret Ford and Julie Devereux

I spent two days helping Josh Wells shoot a short film for a Uni project. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot about film making. He had two very experienced and interesting actors who were a delight to be around and the days although very long, ran to schedule! Callum (Josh’s younger brother) had a pupil free day so took on the role of Clapper Board Marker!

Callum has just started work experience at ParaQuad Industries. They have huge bookstore Book Bazaar (run by volunteers and ParaQuad employees) stocked by State Library discards at bargain prices (they have secured the contract whereby all discarded library books are donated – 1000s arrive daily) – I challenge you to leave without a few…BooksParaQuad Book Bazaar is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 3:30 pm

10 Selby Street, Shenton Park, Western Australia 6008

On Saturday I met a cousin in the city for coffee, chats and a wander around the Cultural Precinct. We visited Beau Est Mein a gorgeous print shop and studio. The staff are particularly helpful, very happy to take you upstairs to show you around the print studio and explain the various techniques they teach. I am quite keen to do one of their Collagraph classes. We also visited the State Library shop, and took home a few more discard books.More booksTuesday the MELD group visited Mundaring Arts Centre to see with every fibre of my being  works by leading WA Textile Artists. Well worth a visit. Following this we went to take a look at REmida. REmida collects clean unused industry off cuts, discards and old stock and then through a membership system, artists, schools, daycare centres etc “Collect the items” for re-use. We all decided to join and hence Liz’s car boot was rather very full on the way home. Soft furnishing sample cards, plastic sheeting, silver shade cloth offcuts, black leather and red boxes came home with me. I forced myself decided to only collect items I could see myself using for the projects I am currently working on, rather than just anything that appealed (even though it was very tempting), as I simply don’t have the storage space.Curtain SamplesShadecloth and LeatherREmida BoxPlasticI made a few necklaces for the 15 x 15 Challenge for FibresWest. All items are for sale at Fibreswest  for $15 each with the funds going towards the next Fibreswest in a few years time. The first is knitted metallic look thread from Dairing, (I can’t find it in their catalogue although there are lots of other gorgeous yarns and fibres) The button necklace is crocheted. To make your own see Button Necklaces.Necklace 1Necklace 1aNecklace 2Necklace 2aOn Friday a box of greeting cards and new business cards printed with my artwork arrived from Moo in the UK. Six days after I ordered them! Gives you faith in the postal system…CardsMore cardsBusiness CardsThis past week I have also made a start on samples for my next major project. I’ve done a fair bit of research, collecting of materials and writing of ideas over the past few months, so it is nice to start, AND to see that so far it looks like the image in my head!new workThese are the scraps NOT the sampling!


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