A Short Break

My Husband and I took a short break away from the kids and the dogs to Bunbury last weekend to see the Oz Quilt Network, Australia Wide Five exhibition at BRAG and especially the Artist talks held on Saturday afternoon. Oct 17 109I was one of four WA artists who spoke about their work on show. Oz Quilt Network President Margery Goodall spoke on behalf of several artists from other states, their work, inspiration, techniques, challenges, and how they go about creating.AW5
Artist talks are always interesting as they give you a much greater insight, understanding and appreciation of the work.AW5 6AW5 4AW5 3All of the works can be seen in the online catalogue.Margery GoodallSunrise Sunset by Margery GoodallKathy BeilbyChanging Landscape 2 by Kathy BeilbyJudy HooworthCreek Drawing #13 by Judy HooworthClaire SmithSevere Weather Event by Clare SmithCarolyn SullivanFlower Cover by Carolyn Sullivan

My work Silver Linings #4 Seeds of Hope was inspired by travels along the Forrest Highway towards Bunbury, Western Australia after the Yarloop Bush-fires in January this year. We drove past the blackened devastation caused by the fires only two weeks after the event. Even at this early stage, new growth was present. The tops of the Zanthorea (Grass Trees) had started shooting, small specks of green appeared in the ash; a sign that our Australian bush is tough, resilient and adaptable to the circumstances presented.Silver Liings #4Now nine months later the view from the roadside.Forrest Highway

The afternoon was a nice catch up with friends and thanks to their local knowledge, a delicious dinner that evening at Market Eating House.

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