A Solo Exhibition

I recently signed a Letter of Agreement confirming a solo exhibtion for November 2018!
This is my first solo show in a very, very long time, so it’s very exciting and naturally a little daunting.
My proposal was for a completely new body of work with a change of focus, and I’ve really enjoyed spending lots of time researching and exploring (and going/googling slightly off track). My Nan’s Anne of Green Gables books are part of this research for ideas and images. This set was published in 1928 and have been loved by several generations of our family.A lot of my work over the past few years has been on the theme of Silver Linings and I am very ready to move onto this next body of work, one that I have been thinking about for a few years now.
I started working on one very large piece in mid December and I am delighted that it was completed over the weekend and is now wrapped ready to go! One tick!
 In between this I have been sampling other ideas, various forms of printing and stitching samples and ideas still partially formed. Other works are mostly a mystery…every now and then I get a great idea in the shower, out walking or when driving somewhere, but more research and testing of these ideas will prove whether or not they will work.
When taking on a project this big, many other things need to be put aside. I am amazed at how many other really interesting exhibitions/projects/opportunities have landed in my inbox since I made a commitment to this exhibition. It’s taking a dedicated effort to say not now to many of them.

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