A Week Away

A week away to relax and refresh. We have just had a holiday in Busselton, one of my favourite beaches and only a few hours drive from home! I have been there so many times from childhood onward that I don’t need to go and do anything…just relax, read books…25 jan 2016 006

It was far from swimming weather for the first few days, much to the disappointment of the teenagers, although a luxury for me to lie in and read a novel and then Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland. I had seen reference to this book on several occasions recently, so decided to get a copy. It’s old – 1994, although still completely relevant. If you are not familiar with it you will be surprised how many quotes and references about making art come back to this book.

Art & FearThe only book I have ever really felt like underlining sentences and paragraphs and saying YES!YES! (Books to me are precious things you don’t write in, my husband is the opposite, underlines, asterisks etc)

The weather improved, allowing us to venture out. A delicious lunch at Bunker Bay Cafe and even a swim!25 jan 2016 010

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