A Well Worn Path

As a female artist, the role of caring for loved ones, domestic duties and family responsibilities are never far away. From nappies to the beginnings of an empty nest, twenty five years of laundry care are marked by a well worn path. Mostly invisible, yet expected, quiet steps throughout the house are often only noticed in their absence. Stitched layers of worn-out family clothing map the labouring process expected of so many women throughout our society.
A Well Worn Path is currently on show at the Minnawarra Art Awards, Armadale District Hall until 19 May 2019. The piece is made from family clothing, well washed and worn out: My Husband’s shirts printed with metallic paints, layered with shirts, shorts, jeans and silks. The whole piece is then machine stitched. Some areas have been cut away through two layers, then colonial knots cover the remaining circles to create the texture and contrast of the well worn layers.

6 thoughts on “A Well Worn Path

  1. This is such a beautiful piece. I love the way the worn fabrics nestle and connect so that they cease to be individual garments worn by individuals but become a united fabric. I am reminded of a poem by Judith Wright, the same track used over

    ……all the striding years
    till they ran widdershins in his brain:

  2. A stunning, sophisticated piece of work that says so much! I simply love it. Well done Louise, as an artist, and a care giver to the family.

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