As Long as it’s a Bag

WAFTA offered a bag challenge “As Long as it’s a Bag”  to be displayed at the 2012 Christmas party. The criteria was completely open allowing for a wonderful range of techniques, sizes and ideas.  87 bags were displayed and judged by the five WAFTA Life Members, Peggy Buckingham, Nalda Searles, Trudi Pollard, Judith Pinnell and Joy Knight. The variety of bags included print, stitch, felting, weaving, recycling…

I made three bags for the challenge…

Tea Bag Bag

Tea Bag Bag – Photo by Josh Wells Photography

My Tea Bag Bag is made from recycled teas bags collected from WAFTA meetings, committee meetings and afternoon teas with family and friends. English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Lipton’s, Twinning’s…

The handles are filled with tea and the lining has been dip dyed in a brew of tea.

Dieter's Opera Bag

Dieter’s Opera Bag – Photo by Josh Wells Photography

The Dieter’s Opera Bag made from Lindt Chocolate wrappers (my children took delight in  eating all the chocolates) It still smells like chocolate, without the calories!

Button Bag

Button Bag – Photo by Josh Wells Photography

The Button Bag is made from purchased wool felt. I have applied the hand stitching and the buttons from my Mother in Law’s collection. Not a shirt left her house to the charity shop with it’s buttons intact…

The bags made by WAFTA members for this challenge along with another 45+ are currently on display at the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair May 22 -26 Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. Kate, Margaret, Marilyn and I spent a long day on Tuesday setting up the 12m long display area. It has been a lot of work, especially for Margaret who also collected all the bags and collated the floor sheet, although worth the effort as it shows the broad  range of skills and ideas of the WAFTA membership.

WAFTA As Long as it's a Bag display

WAFTA As Long as it’s a Bag display

Craft Fair 5Craft Fair 3

Craft Fair 4Craft Fair 2

The challenge for the 2013 WAFTA Christmas Party is to make a hat!


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  1. So glad you did this Louise. It’s gorgeous. Can I cross reference to the WAFTA blog? I was going to do that tonight but am going to a fashion parade at Blackurrentclothing in Maylands instead!

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