As the end of the year approaches…

Tree 3Christmas is just around the corner and this week I am in full swing preparing lists, shopping, cleaning and cooking. I’ve had the blinkers on Christmas up until now. JacarandaOver the weekend, I (95%) finished my Wearable Art Mandurah (WAM) garment and cleaned up the studio. I have been working on this garment solidly for the past three months. Although not due until mid February I gave myself a Christmas deadline. I find it is really necessary to allow my work to “sit” for a while…time to consider how to finish, does it work? will it hold together 🙂  I know I can’t work well up against a last minute deadline. The nature of my work doesn’t allow for this and the stress caused is not worth it.

This Brain Pickings article arrived in my Facebook feed today and beautifully sums up why.

Acts That Amplify: Ann Hamilton on Art, the Creative Value of Unproductive Time, and the Power of Not Knowing

From Anne Hamilton’s essay “Making not Knowing”

One doesn’t arrive — in words or in art — by necessarily knowing where one is going. In every work of art something appears that does not previously exist, and so, by default, you work from what you know to what you don’t know. You may set out for New York but you may find yourself as I did in Ohio.

I find this happens in my work, a seemingly brilliant idea in my head, in reality, goes completely astray…the completed work becoming quite different to my initial imagining.

But not knowing, waiting and finding — though they may happen accidentally, aren’t accidents. They involve work and research. Not knowing isn’t ignorance. (Fear springs from ignorance.) Not knowing is a permissive and rigorous willingness to trust, leaving knowing in suspension, trusting in possibility without result, regarding as possible all manner of response. The responsibility of the artist … is the practice of recognizing.

This is the challenging part – the trusting in possibility…time allows for this, it can’t be rushed for a deadline. It appears when ready…ideas and connections come when I’m in the shower, driving the car…

So, this week I prepare for Christmas, next week watch the cricket, read books, see friends, relax…

And what does this garment look like? Sorry not yet…Instead here’s some Christmas Wearable Art made by a friend of Josh’s.Christmas Josh

5 thoughts on “As the end of the year approaches…

  1. Thank you for some end of the year inspiration to kick off what is usually a very creative period for me – the quiet space after Christmas and New Year. It crystallised my ponderings about what to do as a daily exercise – making, not knowing is a freeing experience. Stitching every day has worked for 2016, and I’ll continue in 2017, as it would leave a large gap in my sense of being grounded if it were not part of the rhythm of daily life.

    Best Christmas tree I’ve seen as well. Will it stand still in a corner until 6 January?

    Best wishes to you and your family for the Christmas season. I hope you give the Christmas Tree some nice breaks from standing around looking decorative.

    • Josh Lindy Hopped in the tree/dress at the Swing Dance Academy Christmas party last weekend!
      Enjoy your post Christmas creativity 🙂

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