As time goes by

I think this is week ten of the new normal for our household. We isolated earlier than most due to concerns for our son who has Down Syndrome. I have not been to the shops at all during this time, and become quite good at online ordering. ???? I rarely leave my house, other than for my morning walk. I spend quite a lot of time at home working in the studio, and that hasn’t changed, however due to the cancellation and doubt in my 2020 exhibition calendar, my enthusiasm took a dive. Like many people, my emotions were all over the place for the first month or so. Gradually we have set new routines in place and weekly events to look forward to. We now have a weekly movie night among other things, and as I write this my son is having a cooking session with his support worker via zoom.

On my Groundhog Day morning walk each day (a walk for the hills and exercise, not the view) I have time to think and I have started to notice the gradual changes over the past few months, the weather (cooler), the smells (more fragrant), the increased number of birds and various plants blooming and then fading. This beautiful Banksia flower slowly blooming got me inspired.As I work in the studio, I’ve been listening to the fabulous The Great Women Artists podcast.I’ve enjoyed reading Threads of Life by Clare Hunter, The Birdman’s Wife by Melissa Ashley and most recently The Diary of a Bookseller by  Shaun  Bythell (if  you’re a fan of Blackbooks…)This one below reminds me of the state of my Covid 19 hair 🙂 


3 thoughts on “As time goes by

  1. Thank you Louise, for taking the time in your busy life to stay in touch with all of us. One good thing from this pandemic is the way that ordinary people have made the effort to reach out to others.

    I love the flower pics, and your reading suggestions are quite uncanny. I too have enjoyed The Birdman’s Wife, am right now in the middle of reading The Diary of a Bookseller, and now you’ve given me a new one to try in Threads of Life . . . our library re-opened this week, and they have a copy – so guess where I’m off to asap!

    Thanks again, Di

    • Thanks Di,
      I hope you enjoy Threads of Life as much as I did 🙂 Have you read Kassia St Clair’s books The Golden Thread and The Secret Lives of Colour? I think you will enjoy them if you like Threads of Life.


      • Thanks for those suggestions, Louise . . . I love having a list of reading matter to anticipate.
        When everyone else was out foraging for toilet paper etc at the beginning of the pandemic, I was carrying home armfulls of library books – to have lived through lockdown without books to lose myself in was beyond unthinkable! Di

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