Australia Wide Five

The latest Oz Quilt Network exhibition Australia Wide Five launched at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries last Friday night. I am delighted that two of my works were selected for this juried touring exhibition that will travel around Australia for the next 18 months.

Both works are part of the Silver Linings Series.

Silver Linings #3 A Glimpse of SilverSilver Linings #3Statement: Continuing the series of Silver Linings, this work explores the use of reflective tape to highlight the glimpse or quick flash of silver, the moment of realisation, the spark of an idea…

Materials: Recycled men’s business shirts, silks, polyester satin, reflective tape, interfacing, polyester machine threads
Techniques: Hand dyeing, stamping, transfer print, machine stitch, cut away

Silver Linings #4 Seeds of HopeSilver Liings #4Statement: Out of darkness and disaster comes seeds of hope, regeneration, new beginnings, an opportunity to choose to do things differently.

Materials: silk organza, silk dupion, denim, embroidery threads, polyester machine threads
Techniques: printing, sun dyeing, machine and hand stitch, cut away technique

The exhibition runs to Sunday 6 November 2016 with artist floor talks at 1pm on Saturday 15 October 2016. Bunbury Regional Art Galleries is open daily from 10am-4pm and entry is free. Further dates and gallery venues and the Australia Wide Five catalogue can be found here

All works in the Australia Wide series of exhibitions can be viewed in the online catalogues


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