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I am starting a new piece of work for an exhibition and one of the first steps is to make some transfer prints. The process of making the print involves applying dispersal dyes to a piece of paper and when dry, ironing the print onto fabric. The dyes on the paper are lovely muted colours, the heat process changes the print to rich, vibrant colour. As you will see below, not always in the direction you expect!

Print 1 Print 2 Print 6 Print 6a I do know however after years of trial and error that the colour combinations I use will have a fairly predictable pleasant result. Most of the texture markings are from old lace.Print 8 Print 8a Print 9 Print 9a Print 10 Print 10a The dyes are very economical so I haven’t bought any for a long time. I purchased some online a little while ago assuming I was getting similar, good mixing colours.  Using my standard “Surprise Mix” technique, I have ended up with darker and more brown/orange shades than I had hoped. The challenges of colour selection via computer screen.

So, Back to the Basics. Testing and mixing samples. I started with a standard mix of each colour, including the set of textile crayons I use for texture rubbings. Dyes are Turquoise, Royal Blue, Scarlet, Violet and Canary Yellow.

. Sample 3 Sample 4

Next I made a set of each colour combination, 1:1, 1:2 & 1:3 mixes. The paper is on the left, the fabric on the right, mirror image.

Sample 2Samples 1It is now much clearer what colour possibilities are available, AND that I need to order some Magenta! I hope it is brighter than the computer screen sample suggests…

3 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

    • Yes, there are pools of dye, washes of colour and random blending on the paper. I find it interesting to see what the print does or doesn’t pick up.

  1. That’s interesting Louise. I have only used dispersal dyes once with Margaret Sutton and my paper images seemed darker than my fabrics! I have no idea what dyes they were. I did like the process though and your images look great. Keep having fun and hope you can get the results you are looking for.

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