Basic Pleats

Colour Project – Shadows, Part 3

Acordian Pleats 1Acordian Pleats 2Acordian Pleats 3Acordian Pleats 4Acordian Pleats 5

Accordion Pleats, basic mountain and valley pleats.

Acordian Pleats 6Acordian Pleats 7Acordian Pleats 8

Rotation – above and cylinders and cones below.

Acordian Pleats 9Acordian Pleats 10Acordian Pleats 11Acordian Pleats 12Acordian Pleats 13Acordian Pleats 14

Below – Knife Pleats, where the mountain/valley spacing varies. This makes them appear to ascend or descend.

Knife Pleats 1Knife Pleats 2Knife Pleats 3Knife Pleats 4Knife Pleats 5Knife Pleats 6Knife Pleats 7Knife Pleats 8Knife Pleats 9

Box Pleats – a group of four folds repeated across the surface.

Box Pleats 1Box Pleats 2Box Pleats 3Box Pleats 4Box Pleats 5Box Pleats 6Box Pleats 7

Incremental Pleats

Box Pleats 8Box Pleats 9


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