Beads and Leaves

Colour Project – Red, Part 7

French knitting using a skein of textured yarns.Torn paper and cut squares of red fabrics held together with a french knot.Fabric beads – above, all beads started with roughly the same size piece of fabric, wrapped and stitched. Below, lengths of fabric wrapped around a knitting needle and stitched.

In the last few days of  this month I discovered the bright red Bougainvillea leaves that I had collected and pressed when our vine was in  full flower several months ago. By chance I also found a box of overhead projector sheets in our office gathering dust. Above is the result of an evening of stitching; with a sharp needle it was fairly easy. I love the multi light shadow it creates, see below. Maybe someone has an overhead projector gathering dust…I wonder what it would look like on the wall?

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