Busy working

Screen 1

I’ve been very busy these past few weeks preparing work for some exhibitions.  Above are some texture rubbings applied in water soluble crayon onto silk screens. Below – some of the prints on grey silk.

Texture rubbing print 1

These we’re used in combination with other layers of silks, stitchIng, cutting away sections and fraying.

Below is another piece I am working on, from side on. It has 625 pins holding all the 1 inch squares in place until I am completely happy with the arrangement. Yes, there are 625 pieces to sew onto the canvas!

Pins 1

I had the great pleasure last weekend to attend a workshop by UK Shibori Artist, Jane Callender,  Jane presented two Shibori and Indigo dyeing workshops for WAFTA as well as a very comprehensive lecture on repeat pattern making and the Indigo Dyeing process. The workshop was a great immersion into many stitching, clamping and wrapping techniques by a master practitioner. I like many others, left the workshop wishing I could spend a few more days exploring all the techniques.

Shibori organza

Above is one of my workshop samples on silk organza, still holding the folds from the stitching. Prior to being washed.

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