Last week when I dropped my son Callum to work at Para Quad waiting to speak to his Supervisor, I had a chat with the chap who sorts the buttons…Para Quad ButtonsEvery garment that is unsuitable for sale has its buttons removed and the fabric is cut up for industrial rags in another section at Para Quad. The buttons are sorted into colours and jars for sale through the shop and the Scroungers Sale (next one is 27th November – get there early!) There is a huge plastic storage box under this table full of buttons to be sorted.Para Quad Buttons 2I started making button necklaces about five years when I acquired my Mother-in-Law’s button collection, working with the colours and combinations available until I ran out of buttons…I purchased a jar of white buttons from Para Quad last year.White ButtonsStepping forward to a few weeks ago and my Wearable Art Mandurah garment for 2017 needed yellow buttons, lots of yellow buttons…I had recently discovered through a Google search that RIT DyeMore Synthetic dye gives good permanent colour to plastics.RIT Dye I was delighted to see my white buttons become bright yellow after only a few minutes in the dye bath. Dyeing Buttons

Dyeing Buttons 2I love the shades of yellows, how the dye is picked up by the different plastics.Yellow Buttons 5

Yellow Buttons

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  1. Good to know about this resource & that the buttons are being used – I remember enjoying sorting Mum’s collection as a child & my 2 did the same. Look forward to seeing your entry with the yellow buttons!

  2. A lovely idea, and I really like the way the buttons take on different shades of a colour depending on the type and age of plastic that they are made of. When my father, an ex-RAF officer, died last October, we found literally hundreds of RAF brass buttons my mother had kept, and although I kept a jarful myself, we found ourselves having to give them away to charity shops. I hope someone found them and put them to good use like you are. (I sometimes sew them onto my screen prints or collagraphs, which is effective.)

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