I feel like I have some breathing space right now. I have in essence finished the two pieces I have been working on solidly for the last few months, and pleasingly well ahead of schedule. They need hanging systems, photography and then the relevant paperwork to be submitted, all doable in the time available. This space has lead me to look around the house, see the dust, the overgrown garden and mending surgery as Margaret Ford calls it (major) in this case. Beaker Repair 1 Beaker repair 2Beaker repair4 Beaker Repair 3 Poor Beaker had major surgery last May and at the time I had not counted on the arrival of a puppy! Beaker now has a new red suit and slightly shorter arms. I think he looks as happy as ever. Callum is happy as Beaker can still dance. You can read Beaker’s full story hereBeaker repair 5 Beaker repair 6 Other family favourites – My own now vintage “Rabby” lovingly crocheted by my Nanna. Such and interesting shape to make clothing for…this is where as a pre-teen, I learned creative crocheting, adapting patterns, making my own designs…a good skill for an artistic future!Rabby 2 Rabby 3 Rabby 4I made Bikini bottoms to accommodate a tail.RabbyNanna also made “Owly” for my Brother. This is one of the two he has.

OwlyOwly 1And another generation back, my Dad’s Teddy.  TeddyAll much loved in their time.

A Change in Scale

I’m just about finished a piece for Memory and Commemoration the WAFTA members exhibition. I’m up to the last few hours of hemming that need concentration and precision. The other night wasn’t the night for that…just needed something mindless in front of the telly.

This bag of “super absorbent cloth” (commonly used for disposable nappy liners) has been hanging around the studio for months. I collected it from REmida last year at a workshop. I have used it for the Gilded Cage and hardly made a dent in the bag. It dyes really well and is super strong. Our puppy thinks it is great for tug-o-war.

photoFlipping through a magazine I saw a chunky knit bed throw…Theresa Dair (Have a look at the gorgeous knitting yarns and patterns she sells) demonstrated “Arm Knitting” as part of her presentation at a WAFTA meeting a couple of years ago. So I though I would give it a go.

Arm Knitting 1 (1)Arm Knitting 1 (2) Arm Knitting 1 (3)Arm Knitting 1 (4)Arm Knitting 1 (5)These images probably aren’t very instructive, but if you know how to knit, imagine using your arms as the needles. Just pull the thread through with your hands.

Arm Knitting 1 (7)Arm Knitting 1 (6)I don’t quite know how, it appears after a messy start I have been producing stocking stitch!  The bag of liner strips made over 2 meters of knit.

Arm Knitting 1 (8)Arm Knitting 1 (9)Now you can see the “Change in Scale” On the right is my WAFTA piece stitched in Colonial Knots.

Challenges – Yes! You can’t really do anything else until you have finished knitting.