MELD Retreat

I’ve just returned from a week away in Busselton with the MELD group. We spent most of our time planning and working on pieces for our upcoming exhibition in October 2014. Yes, only 7 months away!march 2014 068Busselton is one of my favourite places. The huge expanse of ocean and sky refreshes me and there is always something to inspire on our daily walks.march 2014 070march 2014 089 march 2014 090march 2014 094 march 2014 095 march 2014 096

I worked on a variety of projects, both developing ideas and finalizing pieces. This piece of rust and indigo dyed silk that I have cut up and hemmed, I think now resembles little landscapes.march 2014 120



Shades of Brown

Colour Project – Brown, Part 10


Steamed Puff Balls, Silk Dupion left and cottons.





Cotton head cloth stewed in a strong brew of Earl Grey Tea overnight.




Tea Bag Bag.

I’ve just finished this for a WAFTA  bag challenge. The handles are filled with tea and the lining is a piece of the tea dyed fabric above.




More treasures from my Dad.

Shoe lasts from his childhood on Silk satin.

Washers on cotton, the fabric was very wet.

Paj and Silk Dupion rusted with vinegar instead of lemon juice. Love the green coming through from the pieces of copper.




Iron and Onions

Colour Project – Brown, Part 4

               My first attempt at rusting – an old iron lever folded around light weight cotton fabric sprayed with vinegar, covered in plastic and left for several days.





(Above) One dye bath of red and brown onion skins – skins were folded in fabric and tied.

(left) old cotton sheeting (right) Headcloth

(above) Cotton Lawn

(left) Light weight cotton sleeve from an op shop,    “Victoria Secret” brand nightie …much more “Victorian” than “secret”!

Lots of lovely fine cotton though. The other sleeve is rusted above.

(left)  Paj silk, (right)  silk satin (below)  Silk Dupion – All dye beautifully!