Waiting, but busy

My exhibition Of Our Time – Ordinary Lives opens in one month today!

This past month has been spent writing a catalogue essay, labeling and choosing images, organising layouts, writing lists for guests and floor sheets…all necessary for an exhibition, but lacking the somewhat meditative process of making. My evenings in the studio usually consist of continuing from where I left off on my current project. It wasn’t until my work was finished, that I realised how much I need this and how bored, frustrated and lost I felt. I picked up this set of samples/experiments that have been sitting around for a while and started some simple stitching. What a lovely distraction from essay writing 🙂  With the essay submitted, late last week the lovely Anne Williams gave me a private tutorial on making artist books using Coptic Stitch binding.

I was delighted with the potential and made another using one of my art cards and used transfer print papers.I plan to make a limited edition of Artist books for my exhibition.On a sad note, this is the last issue of Down Under Textile magazine. The publishers have found it is no longer economically viable. A sign of the times for print publications, but still very disappointing for the readership and textiles in general in Australia. So many of us have had the opportunity to have our work featured over the years. I am especially grateful to Editor Kate Oszko for inviting me to write for the magazine over the past 18 months.





Writing not making

Studio work has been sparse in the past few weeks. Writing seams to have taken over…Writing artist statements and bios, drafting ideas for a magazine article after the twentyONE+ exhibition, an application for a wearable art project and lots of emails. Other time has been sucked up with family/work priorities.

I have been slowly working on a new canvas…Print 1 Print 2I’ve got back to the machine stitching steps in the past few days, now that I have my head around the article and application. The constant hum of the machine, the repetitive stitch is great thinking time…new ideas are sparked, formed and my mind can just wander…Stitch 1

At the same time I have a back log of interesting looking podcasts to listen to…another cup of tea? but I need to sew…I set the iPad up with headphones at the machine and listened to Alyson Stanfield‘s new podcast on TIME – how long it really takes to do things, how we dislike and avoid some areas in our arts practice, and how actually completing these things out of our comfort zone gives us the greatest sense of achievement. After an initial grumble to myself “why can’t I just quickly read this?” The machine stitch/podcast multitask worked very well, and of course the podcast was great.Stitching

It seams to be a theme for me of the past few days, also been reading Mark Manson articles. They are pretty gutsy…I like what he says about Passion – even when doing a job/project/whatever that you love and enjoy there will be a %, probably a biggish % of it that you are really not going to enjoy…

Although I’m not making much at the moment, the result of what I was doing in May/June have come back with great news. I was delighted to receive notification that two of my works were selected for Australia Wide 5 presented by Oz Quilt Network. Australia Wide 5 will be launched at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries at 6pm on Friday, 23 September 2016.

And on Monday afternoon I was surprised and delighted to find out my garment “The Gilded Cage” won the “Red Light Review” category of the Worn Art Revamped show in Broome over the weekend. Very excited that I have been awarded a prize by Merc Electrical WA of a Broome Pearl! supplied by Camdons Broome Pearl and Fine Jewellery. What a pity it doesn’t include traveling to Broome to collect it 🙂