I will never make one of these again!

I remembered saying this to myself after I finished Rising in 2012. Never again was I going to stitch 576 1 x 1 inch squares onto a canvas.  I thought of this again as I sat machine stitching around another set of these little squares.

August 3 2014 024

August 3 2014 036Last weekend, whilst watching the entire 4th season of Downton Abbey, I stitched them to the canvas. This was a last minute change/addition to my series of work for the MELD exhibition.

August 3 2014 033The next few evenings I spent finishing two other works. I am very happy to say I have 14 finished works for the exhibition ready for photography day tomorrow.August 3 2014 035August 3 2014 036

I have had some potentially serious issues with my shoulder and arm in the last few months, so it was very reassuring to realise that how I have been working in the last few weeks is not causing my body any pain.

Last night I celebrated this with my husband and kids. They have been felt like they have been ignored for a while now…

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  1. Dear Louise, I was checking out the SDA image library and saw your two excellent pieces newly uploaded there and decided to find out more about you. I’ve just finished reading quite a number of posts in your excellent blog and just had to write to introduce myself and say thank you for your membership in SDA. It’s exciting to see your work and read the stories you share of their making. While I may not get to visit Perth or you Rochester — New York (where I live)– isn’t it great to be part of an organization that helps connect people who love fibre and textiles around the globe?!

    If you ever have questions or suggestions, please get in touch.

    All the best,
    Jeanne Beck,
    President, SDA

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I am glad you like it! It is a pleasure to be a member of SDA. Your magazine is fantastic, I always look forward to receiving it. The online information and resources are great and I would love to come over to one of your conferences some day.

      Best regards,


      • Would love it if you could come, Wendy Lugg has been to conferences in the past as well as others from AU and the interchange is always exciting. We’re reinventing conferences to make them shorter and more interactive. Our new “Made/Aware” Arrowmont Intensive will be Fall 2015. We’ll be focusing on socially engaged art practices. There will also be a new international curated exhibition opportunity — full details won’t be online for a few months but there will be an insert card and full page ad with some info in the Fall Journal issue. Please spread the word!

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