City of Stirling Art Awards

My work Silver Linings #5 Seeds of Hope received an Highly Commended at the City of Stirling Art Awards last night !
 Out of darkness and disaster come seeds of hope, regeneration, new beginnings, an opportunity to do things differently.
The Silver Linings theme began in response to a series of back to back personal challenges in 2015. As the series has progressed, the inspiration for works has trended toward explorations into nature and life cycles. In this work I was inspired by travels along the Forrest Highway after the Yarloop Bush-fires. Amongst the blackened devastation new growth appears, a sign that our Australian bush is tough, resilient and adaptable to the circumstances presented. 

12 thoughts on “City of Stirling Art Awards

  1. Congratulations Louise! Silver Linings is an apt title for the transformative power of adverse circumstances, if we are wise enough to recognise it.

  2. What an evocative piece Louise. I love the way it makes me feel that change is a happy thing coming from the regimented dark side. Congratulations.

  3. I like the work that is coming out of this recent theme of Silver Linings Louise. The flashes of vibrant colour against the silver grey invites a closer look.

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