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This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the National Conference of the Colour Society of Australia. It was hosted by the Western Australian Division in Perth. There were some fantastic and inspiring speakers including artists Deborah Bonar, Trudi Pollard, Marlene Sarroff and Rebecca Baumann.

I was delighted to be asked to present some of my own work for the conference theme of Space Time and Colour.

The Time of my Life a piece I made for the WAFTA 2011 members exhibition was a feature in my presentation. Here is the story of how that work came about.

InTension 2011

InTension exhibition 2011 at The Moores Gallery, Fremantle

The theme for the exhibition was graphic inspired shape, black, white and strong colour to create a dramatic visual environment. I was inspired by artists who develop work by a daily practice, a daily, photo, a quilt block or a journal entry, along with this was my desire to address the seemingly lack of time in my studio.

For 100 consecutive days I recorded the times spent on the activities throughout my day using a 10 x 20 cm grid.100 days fitted nicely into the 1 x 2m format required for the exhibition and was a reasonable amount of time to show any strong patterns or routines in my life. I have recorded the times I was awake. The white areas show when I was asleep. The blocks range from 5am to midnight.

I came up with 14 categories.Colour Code - Time of My LifeExample 1  Example 4 Example 5





These blocks represent one day each of my life through the activities I did.Each block has then been sewn together in order to make the work.

The Time og My Life

The Time of My Life

This work is –
100 days in my life as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, employee, manager, volunteer, taxi driver, washer woman, cook, cleaner, advocate, house fairy, gardener, couch potato…and artist!

Given one of the reasons to make this piece was to address my lack of time in the studio – it is apparent that I do spend a fair chunk of time in my studio in the evenings with blocks on the weekends. The bright pink areas are studio time.

This pattern four years later is still how I fit my art practice into a fairly busy family life.

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