Colour Project -Every day for a year!

Colour Project – Conclusions

A year of my colour project. I have completed the challenge of every day including birthdays, holidays, hosting a 50th anniversary party for my parents, a double hernia operation, good days, bad days, many busy days…some days the piece I made took all day, other times it was 10 minutes at the end of a busy day when I remembered!

The aim of the project was to try lots of textile related ideas and techniques, many that I have been wanting to try for a long time. Exploring this through a specified colour each month has sometimes influenced the ideas and techniques and often helped me to break down my colour biases.

What I have learnt:

– A commitment like this is a fantastic way to build up a large body of samples that I now have to draw from for my future works. With the best of intension I don’t think I would have done this without the daily commitment.

– That there are some techniques that I never need to try again, proved quickly in this sample format either to be too difficult, not as I imagined they would turn out or just not quite my cup of tea.

– the samples made at the last minute, in a rush or with no idea of the outcome have often been the most interesting, like writers who force themselves to “Just write” inspiration comes from doing.

– By forcing myself to work in colours that I don’t like has been very rewarding, samples that I created wouldn’t work in any other colours…

– There is also a sense of contentment, a want to just work, a loss of the nagging want to try ALL the techniques that I come across.

This project has taken a lot of my time away from other things in 2012, and now it is time to take those samples that inspired me and have potential and develop them further.

2 thoughts on “Colour Project -Every day for a year!

  1. Well done Louise! You are very inspiring and this certainly sounds like a great way to work if you can be disciplined. Sound s like the rewards were worth the pressure to just do something. Cheers Julie Dev

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