Colour Project Update

Last week I received this comment on my blog…

I was browsing through google images for screen print textures and I fell in
love with yours! I was wondering if you’ll grant me permission and allow me
to incorporate one your photos above in a personal project of mine…

Firstly, I really appreciate that she asked for my permission to use the image. When I found out a little more about her project I was delighted to see what she was doing and happy for her to go ahead.

Sabrina Lam is from British Columbia, Canada and is a second year Communication Design student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Here is Sabina’s completed album cover design.

daydreamers album coverdaydreamers back cover + spine label

My original image below is one of the samples I made in The Colour Project  I stamped a rubber mat directly onto hand dyed fabric.

Purple 30Another of my colour samples was used with permission on this book cover. It still amazes me how people randomly find the images through google…

I love how The Colour Project continues to live on. The project was a year long investigation into “textile techniques” where I made a small sample of work everyday in 2012. Each month I chose a different colour for the samples. The result for me, was that it got all the techniques I was wanting to try “out of my system”. I no longer have the need nor desire to purchase or try everything textile wise that is out there and it’s a great reference source.

I am delighted it has also inspired others to do their own version of a project like this… A friend of mine is currently exploring circles…The make something everyday idea is not mine, it’s stolen and adapted from many other sources such as a photograph a day, a quilt block a week etc…Simply a way to get working…small chunks at a time. Austin Kleon describes it here Say something small every day. My suggestion would be to chose something specific, reducing the decisions you need to make each day to get started. I committed to a colour each month, I also followed techniques and themes such as hand embroidery stitches, natural dyeing, recycling, soy wax, paper folding…

I hope you give it a go, and if you do, I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Colour Project Update

  1. Was reading about the ‘chaotic structure’ of A Day in the life of Rachel Castle on the The Design File yesterday, and now you have reinforce the idea on me to get on this path of a certain structured routine, and ‘make something every day’ philosophy – fingers crossed, I should be embarking on this new journey ASAP.
    Thank you again Louise for never failing to inspire us all.

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