Crease to Crumpling

Colour Project – Shadows, Part 6

No Crease, one crease or a few part way through a piece of paper with a “break” or bend in the opposite direction to the crease can give some very simple and sophisticated pieces. These samples below  are only some of many I made. The others were very difficult to photograph to show the form created.

Crease 1 Crease 2 Crease 3 Crease 4 Crease 5 Crease 6 Crease 7 Crease 8  Crease 9

Crumpling created using Tissue paper. Beautiful delicate organic forms can be created.

Crumple 1Crumple 2Crumple 3Crumple 4

Crumpling in a straight line gives a different set of possibilities.

Crumple 5Crumple 6Crumple 7

Crumpling from a centre point.

Crumple 8Crumple 9Crumple 10Crumple 11

This is the final post of samples for the colour project!

Thanks again to Folding Techniques for Designers by Paul Jackson for the techniques and inspiration for December.

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