Cut away and mark making

Colour Project – Purple, Part 2

Hand dyed silk fabrics bonded together with random cut out shapes. These are more impressive than they appear in the photos, held up to the light or with contrasting backgrounds.  Below – following a bubblewrap print for the cut out design.

Fugitive Media – Chalks drawn directly on silk with a print paste extender scraped over to seal. I’ve experimented with various chalk colours, weights and shades of fabric to discover what works best.

Below – Testing the whole box of chalks…

Above and below – Habutai hand dyed silk, below the colours have mostly disappeared during the scraping of the extender. Although scraping extender directly on the fabric is quick to do and clean up, I’ve since learned from Kerr Grabowski that printing the extender through a screen gives a more even and much lighter coverage, which of course gives the fabric a lighter hand.  You need to clean a screen though!

Below – Hand dyed cotton.

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