Days like this…

 A lot of the time, work in the studio is not very exciting. I’ve just finished stitching over 300 of these small pieces to three canvases for my exhibition in November. It’s repetitive, it’s ruined my finger nails, and I have calloused fingertips from pushing the needle through the thick layers and the canvas…and it just takes time. I’ve taken advantage of the “You can take out 20 DVD’s at a time” policy at our local library and am “listening” as I stitch to great documentaries and movies that don’t require much visual attention. As you can imagine, I rarely watch movies with subtitles!

To give you some idea of the amount of time stitching work onto canvas takes, Rose Coloured Glass #1, (below) took the whole of  Downton Abbey Season 4 to stitch to the canvas.No complaints here, most work has repetitive elements and you just have to spend time in the studio and work. If you are fascinated as I am, on how creative people go about their work, James Clear has an interesting article on the The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers

Meanwhile there are some fabulous exhibitions in Perth at the moment. Three I have seen recently are:

Stewart Scambler’s exhibition Fragment on until 18 August at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery is wonderful, especially if you have a love of the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of WA.

Beyond the Seam at CASM, Mandurah until 24 June, is a stunning exhibition of contemporary textile works by 12 local, national and international artists.


Untitled at Heathcote Gallery until 10 June. A thought provoking collaboration between Andy Quilty and a prisoner in a Western Australian jail.

And if you are in Victoria…

 Petite Miniature Textiles Exhibition

I am delighted to have two works selected for the just opened and running to 19 August Petite Miniature Textiles exhibition at Wangaratta Art Gallery, Victoria. Both  works are about 20 x 20cm

Unity made from men’s ties

We only show part of ourselves to the world, and create borders for protection. However, our borders and boundaries are often not clear cut, periodically moving, sometimes blurred. Looking deeper we discover that we have more in common with our neighbours than we have differences. The desire for health, happiness and quality of life is shared by all people. Only when we can embrace our commonalities will we be able to accept our differences

Beyond the Diagnosis: Dare to Dream This work is based around a Karyotype (set) of chromosomes showing 3 pairs of chromosome #21, which was used to prove that my son has Trisomy 21, Down Syndrome. This recreation of the diagnostic tool made from his jeans, his father’s shirts and my t-shirts seeks to show the unique strengths and potential of the person beyond the restrictive diagnosis. He has hopes and dreams, and a passionate love of life. Although his is a more complex path, surely he has just as much right to the opportunity to live a full life.

6 thoughts on “Days like this…

  1. Hi Louise, I visited the Petite textiles this week, was drawn to the intricacy of Unity and marvelled at how much thought went into making it. I love how the colours and fabric textures change when the ball is rolled. Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece and I look forward to receiving it after the exhibition closes. Best wishes, Anne.

    • Hi Anne,
      Thank you for your lovely comments, I really enjoy working with vintage ties for their beautiful colours, weaves and stories. I am delighted to hear Unity will be enjoying a new home 🙂
      Louise x

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