Designing Women Exhibition

Dimensions is a recent exhibition by Designing Women, a group of Perth Textile Artists.

I had the pleasure of purchasing two pieces from the “White Challenge” works which were hung under a light well in the gallery. Mostly sheer fabrics they looked great with the light shining through. Below is Fib #358 by my friend Liz Arnold. Liz has used the Fibonacci number sequence in this work and then exquisitely hand stitched the silk shapes as seen in the detail below right.

Skeleton Leaves by Linda Stokes is made from organza triangles stitched together on soluble vilene. Linda says “I liked the combination of a fairly formal quilt like design and the delicate free machine stitching used to join the pieces and fill the spaces” I have to agree!

There are some lovely photos of these pieces and others at the gallery see:  Designing Women, Liz Arnold and Linda Stokes.


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