Discharge and Soy Wax

Colour Project – Purple, Part 3

Above – Discharge paste on commercially dyed Dupion silk

Below – Samples of discharge paste through a Thermofax screen on Scrunch jar dyed Habutai silks and cottons. These have all worked much better than the greens previously. Turquoise doesn’t discharge, so I image there was some of it in that dye pot.  This is where taking good notes at the time would be an advantage!

Above – Silk

Above – Silk, dyed a long time ago, from the result I think there may be some turquoise in the mix.

Above – Cotton sheeting

Above – silk.     Below – Cotton

The next samples are using soy wax a a resist for discharge. The discharge paste was brushed over the fabric.

Above & below- applying the wax with wooden blocks. Cotton sheeting above, below commercially dye silk Dupion.

Above – applying wax with wood block stamp.

Below – using a cork. both on hand dyed Habutai silk

2 thoughts on “Discharge and Soy Wax

  1. Hi, Louise! My name is Andy Kerr, and I’m a graphic designer who is working on a cover for a forthcoming book on the Phoenicians. You’re probably well aware of the Phoenicians and their famous purple dye. I would like permission to use one of your images here—either the first or the eighth—as part of the cover. The editors will still have to approve, of course, but I think one of those two will work perfectly with what I have in mind.

    Thanks so much. You do beautiful work!


    Andy Kerr
    Eisenbrauns Publishing

    • Hi Andy,

      I am happy to give you my permission to use either of these images as part of the book cover, as long as I am acknowledged as the artist of the image and a link given to my website. I would like to see a copy of the cover artwork before it goes to print and would also like to request a copy of the completed book. I’ll send you a private email confirming the details.

      Best wishes,


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