Dyeing and Discharge

Colour Project – Green, Part 5

These fabrics, although not already green, were left over soda soaked pieces (ready for  Procion dyeing) from Linda Stokes Breakdown Printing workshop – they fit the green theme on a technicality! I have used a scrunch layer dyeing technique Linda told us about at the workshop. Small pieces of fabric are squashed into a jar, a small amount of dye added on top, and then the process is repeated changing the dye colour until the the jar is full. Fabrics great for a base layer are created.

Below – Using deColourant to discharge (remove the colour from the fabric) some commercially dyed Silk Dupion samples. Discharge paste was stamped onto the fabric.

Scrunch layer dyed silk habutai with a discharge stamp of plastic lace.

Above – Shibori dyed and below -Scrunch dyed silk habutai discharged with the same stamp.

Above and below – scrunch layer dyed cotton headcloth discharged again with a stamp print.



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