Endless cutting and sewing…

I feel like I have been endlessly cutting strips of fabric and sewing them together lately…with great monotony. Usually creating my work has relief in its repetitive nature by the interesting hidden layers to discover along the way, variation in pattern and/or texture, and no two sections are ever quite the same. The wearable art piece I am currently making has 100s of identical pieces and I am still to reach the point where I think I have enough to create the desired effect. I am close, and I am relatively happy with results so far (this is only step one) but I am becoming distracted, having unraveled half a jumper, made two summer skirts and a shopping bag in the last couple of days.Fabric Strips As they are being sewn together the 1.5m pieces are taking up more and more space in the studio. Usually I can pack up a work in progress in a manageable copy paper size box or 2.¬† I want need to finish this step, pin it together and leave it on my dress maker dummy for a while…see where the next step leads.

I have 800 litres of Sheep Manure and Mulch being delivered tomorrow, an urgent job to get my garden ready for the hot, hot summer ahead. This time away from the studio will be a good chance to refocus.

Tonight I have a stall at the final WAFTA meeting for the year.Canvas 1Canvas 2Canvas 3Canvas 4These 5″ x 5″ canvases, some in a series, have been fun to make over the past month, individual little art works, are anything but identical!

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