Eucalyptus Leaves

Colour Project – Brown, Part 3

India Flint on dyeing with Eucalyptus leaves – “Fill a pot with Eucalyptus leaves and water, bring to boil, simmer 1 hour, take out leaves (oops, forgot to do that bit), put in the cloth, heat a while, allow to cool – it’s as simple as that.”  Above are my results, two on left are silk, others cotton.River Gum and Silver Princess Eucalyptus leaves used for dyeing and steaming cloth.

First steaming batch – Approx 3 – 4 hours in an electric food steamer.

Light weight cotton rolled with River Gum leaves. Silk rolled with Silver Princess leaves.

Old cotton sheeting steamed with River Gum.

Coarse cotton with brown onion skins

Fine silk with brown onion skins

2 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Leaves

  1. Where do you get your eucalyptus leaves? Is there a source in the US?
    Do you steam or boil?
    Thank you for the information.

    Nan Leaman

    • Hi Nan,

      The eucalyptus leaves came from my Mum’s garden, she grows about 4 varieties. Some were more successful for dyeing than others. I’m not sure where you could get them in US. Boiling gives an overall colour, steaming gives the beautiful pattern and markings of the leaves. You could try experimenting with some of your local plants and see what results!

      Let me know how you go.

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