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Sitting in a small hexagonal space in the Art Gallery of WA, Eveline Kotai asked us to breathe…and to observe. I had the pleasure of spending the next 50 minutes as she spoke, looking at her artwork that encompassed the walls behind her. The more I looked, the more I saw, the more I felt.Eveline’s work has always had the effect on me that people often talk about when first seeing an original Rothko. It gives me a sense of calm, but full of emotion, hard to describe and quite overwhelming.

She started her artist talk by commenting on the quote at the entrance to the exhibition. That we now spend more time reading the didactic than viewing the work, then often after only a few seconds of our attention we move onto the next work.It’s a really hard thing to do, to sit and simply look. So many distractions; the time allocated to the visit, the people you visit with, your initial attraction to the work…

She talked about how you really need to live with artwork to truly appreciate and understand it. I know of all the artwork I have purchased over the years; the initial attraction has grown this way and there is never a buyer regret as you sometimes have with other purchases.

Breathing Pattern at AGAW is on until Feb 2020.

One work that took my attention at Ruth Halbert and Jane Ziemon’s exhibition Fragmented Memories at Spectrum Project Space at the opening on Friday night is Ruth’s piece In Memoriam.Made from a beautiful piece of wool bought in Scotland for her aunt. The gift was too precious, and her aunt never used it. She gave it to Ruth on her Uni graduation, with the addition of moth holes along the folds. Plant dyed and stitched, this work deserves a longer look.Fragmented Memories is on show until 26 September 2019.

I LOVE Mikaela Castledine’s work in Immortal Stories at Linton and Kay Galleries Subiaco. Whimsical and poignant. The works are delightful. Attending the artist talk and discovering the stories behind each of these works only adds to my appreciation. Stories of her own childhood (that many of us will relate to) and precious stories shared by others are now not lost.Artist talks not only give you an insight to the work, but also an insight to the artist, their ways of working and their thoughts and views on how to live a creative life. To me this is gold!

Immortal Stories is on until 23 September.


5 thoughts on “Exhibition Season

  1. Thank you for sharing Louise. I was especially looking forward to Eveline Kotai s artist talk but missed it due to family commitment. Will make sure I catch all 3 above before closing.

  2. We have been fortunate to have these wonderful, reflective exhibitions at about the same time. I didn’t get to Eveline’s talk, but went on my own and just sat quietly for a long time. This is work that doesn’t respond to a hurried viewing, I feel I will have to go again, they need to be lived with.
    I appreciate your thoughtful comments on all 3 of these exhibitions.

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