Fairly Fashionable? Challenge

It has been a while since I posted about my own work. I have been busy behind the scenes, with 4 deadlines for work later this month. Nothing quite ready to show at this point in time.

One of these deadlines is for Fairly Fashionable?

From their website

Fairly Fashionable? challenges designers and consumers to ask themselves the big questions – where are my clothes made, how are they made, under what conditions are they made and how does their design and manufacture impact on the environmental, social and economic sustainability of our people and our planet?

Fair Trade Freo and the WA Fair Trade Collective are organising the second Fairly Fashionable? challenge for designers which aims bring awareness to the social and environmental costs associated with the fashion industry.

24th April marks the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Dhaka Bangladesh, where 1133 lives were lost (with many hundreds more injured) – with devastating long-lasting effects on families and friends.

The Challenge – At the launch last night myself and 59 other designers (Professional, amateur and student) each received a piece/s of fabric ethically sourced from around the world and traded by members of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. As you can see below mine will need to be unpicked first!

FF1 001 FF1 002 FF1 003We now have two weeks to come up with a design and create a garment or fashion accessory. Yes, 14 Days!

We are challenged to incorporate this/these fabrics in our design. Any additional fabrics used to complete the work need to be ethically sourced e.g. recycled, upcycled, vintage etc

On Friday April 27th a fashion parade will show case the garments. A silent auction of the garments will also take place with proceeds going back to the communities.

I plan to blog my ideas, processes and progress over this next two weeks…


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