Finishing, then starting again…

Last week I entered 4 works into 3 (2 juried) exhibitions.
There are many many months of work to get to this point, and lots of things somewhat neglected, especially the garden, and yes, the studio…

25 jan 2016 001

I have been planning for some time to rearrange the studio AND have a big clean out. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started, moved some furniture out, added new drawers and storage shelves. I want to have all the tools and supplies at hand, stored in like areas (not in the box they came home from the last workshop in) Seriously cull the amount of stuff I keep, all those techniques I’ve tried and won’t again, all the products bought on a whim at craft fairs and never really used, and the “It might come in handy one day”s.  I am sure some of this stuff just burdens you with guilt that you SHOULD use it rather than WANT to. The big question – Will I really use this? Is this the direction I am going?

The clean out is still a work in progress, due to slotting it in around all the other things going on at the moment, and the ripple on effect of moving things out of the studio means there are piles of stuff sorted, but not re-homed all around the house, and piles of stuff to give away.

Along with better storage, I wanted to make the studio easier to move in. I have a 2m wide display board in the studio that is a fantastic design wall and Josh uses it for the majority of textiles shoots he does. It has prevented the studio door being fully open for the past 18 months! The rearrangement means we can now do photo shoots in the studio AND open the door fully! We have done 5 photo shoots in the studio over the past few weeks and it is starting to work really well.

March 31 2015 004

A very useful design board, however you can’t open the door fully nor see the telly!

Sept 1 007

Photography for the MELD exhibition 2014

I’ve not finished the studio clean out partly because my wonderful husband took me to see Chris Isaak at Leeuwin Estate Winery in Margaret River last weekend. Traveling there and back I stitched, slow stitching over printed text on small pieces of silk organza.March 4 2016 032 These will become my piece for “Brooching the Subject”. Once semi finished I am going to take the plunge and put the whole work in a sun dye jar for a month or so, and hope I can reproduce the result I achieved in the samples earlier this year.

3 thoughts on “Finishing, then starting again…

  1. Yes I always commend you Louise on your discipline and motivation to just get on with the things you make a priority. I find it so hard to let go of the things I still think I may like to use ONE DAY.

  2. Good on you Louise for having the focus and discipline to let things go. My stuff sits around for a long time, but I have found that whenever I toss something (or form the intention to), it becomes useful! Love the look of your Brooching the Subject piece.

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