Folded Strips

Colour Project Pink, Part 3

When I came across the work of Anne Kyyro Quinn in a Selvedge magazine I was drawn to take a closer look. She makes stunning three dimensional large scale wall panels from single colour felt strips that are twisted and stitched. The current edition of Surface Design magazine also has an article about her work. Her technique is partly a reverse of what I have been doing, cutting the strips of fabric and then laying them out and twisting and stitching to form waves.  This works beautifully in felt as it doesn’t fray and has a nice weight to it.

In these samples I’ve used cheap acrylic felt.

The next samples are my further experiments in silk dupion, firstly a single layer cut on the diagonal.

Then two pink shades of silk bonded together and cut with the grain

Finally, hand stitching french knots to secure the twists.

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