Stitched and Bound 2012

Stitched and Bound 2012, held at Heathcote Gallery, Applecross, is the ninth biennial juried exhibition presented by the West Australian Quilters’ Association established to encourage individual expression in contemporary quilting, and to promote excellence in craftsmanship in quilting in Western Australia.

My Entry – It’s not just what you see…

The hidden stories you hear by being in the right place and time, and asking the right questions…amazing, wonderful and sometimes sad. This work is about 99 of these stories which have given me much admiration for the story tellers.

77cm high x 63cm wide

Materials and Techniques  Dyed, printed, stitched and cut away silks, cottons and polyesters.



Front detail

Back detail

Exhibiting Artists

Cherry Johnston, Margie McIntosh, Marjorie Coleman, Meg Lowey, Peggy Lyon, Louise Wells, Trish Little, Ruth de Vos, Susan Walsh, Annette Seeman, Adrienne Marshall, Stephanie Knudsen, Ruth Halbert, Lyn Nixon, Marianne Penberthy, Jocelyn Leath, Judith Harvey, Jannette Campbell, Julie Devereux, Marian Magee.

2 thoughts on “Stitched and Bound 2012

  1. Hi Louise,
    I was made aware of your piece through Alison Schwabe’s blog and just had to write to say how much I love your piece. I am also experimenting with layering and cutting away (I call my series Stitch & Slash) so it’s nice to see another artist creating art using these techniques. You inspire me.

    • Hi Carol,
      Thanks for your lovely comments. I find this technique full of surprises, you never quite know what is in that layer underneath…a lot like the stories that inspired the piece.
      I really like your “Stitch & Slash” work too.


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