Stitched and Bound 2014 back to the Razors Edge

Stitched and Bound 2014 back to the Razors Edge 2014, held at Heathcote Gallery, Applecross, is the tenth in the series of juried exhibitions presented by the West Australian Quilters Association.

My Entry – Honouring Good Men

“Pull up your socks, tuck in your shirt, straighten your tie, put on a brave face…”

Ties are formal wear for weddings, funerals and work, all places where men often through necessity, tend to hold their thoughts close to their heart, in order to have the strength to fight the battle, seal the deal, protect loved ones, or save face.

We usually see only one side of the person. Here, unpicked we see the reverse also. This can be complementary, contrasting, and sometimes very surprising. By stitching and binding together the public face and normally hidden private side, a glimpse of the whole man is seen.

81cm high x 75cm wide x 2cm deep

Made from 165 recycled men’s ties

Honouring Good MenDetails

HGM Detail 1HGM Detail 2HGM Detail 4HGM deatil 3Exhibiting Artists

Anne Williams, Annie Shelley, Meg Cowey, Marilyn Davis-Moore, Virginia O’Keeffe, Adrienne Marshall, Louise Wells, Pamela Manika, Patricia Forster, Judy Campbell, Marian Magee, Marjorie Coleman, Stephanie Knudsen, Ruth De Vos, Jennie Abbott, Janie Matthews, Taryn Blight, Pamela Giroud

2 thoughts on “Stitched and Bound 2014 back to the Razors Edge

  1. Louise,

    Your men’s tie exhibit is wonderful. I am looking to do something similar with a collection of ties from my father and husband. Do you have a tutorial or guidelines on how to achieved this (size/width of strips used, etc.)? I’ve not worked with silk much and am concerned about unraveling, etc.. Any info or help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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