Memory and Commemoration

WAFTA  members’ exhibition 2015  Memory and Commemoration 

The exhibition theme was chosen as a broad spectrum theme (honour, celebration, tribute, reminiscence, recollection and memorial) to embrace those who came before us and give expression to events that shaped our lives.

The theme allows free range to members’ creativity in whatever medium they choose.

My work – Last Post.

The haunting melody of the Last Post, silence and then the Rouse, allows us the solitude to commemorate the war dead and remember our loved ones.

Last Post Details 2Techniques and materials – Screen print on hand woven Cambodian silk organza. Embroidered Colonial Knots follow the rhythm of the Last Post and Rouse. Assembled using Bojagi inspired piecing.

Last Post installedI have deliberately chosen to keep this work simple to allow viewers their own time of contemplation, to identify with their own feelings and memories associated with the Last Post. I have been influenced by the simple lines of the lists of soldier’s names on memorial walls throughout the world. Silk organza was used to convey the ethereal quality of memory.

Louise Wells 2

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