Mysterium 2013

Mysterium is the 3rd biennale member’s exhibition of WAFTA (Western Australian Fibre & Textile Association)


This wonderful diverse exhibition of 86 works by 66  WAFTA members was on show 26 October – 16 November @ Gallery Central

Why Mysterium? The word “mystery” comes from a Latin word “misterium” which meant craft guild. In mediaeval craft guilds mastercraftsmen initiated apprentices into the mysteries of their craft. The mediaeval “mystery plays” were so called because there were originally performed and produced by the craft guilds.

WAFTA members have creatively applied mastery of their craft to explore mysteries of nature, personal relationships, contemporary culture, outer space and numinous. (ref – Mysterium Catalogue)

My piece “Unreliable Memories” is made from hand woven silk and organza, with screen prints made from letters belonging to my Grandmother’s great grandmother.

Unreliable Memories

Unreliable Memories

What do we know of the stories of our past? Now just memories, they are fragile, frayed and disappearing…AND not necessarily the truth.

Detail  - Unreliable Memories

Detail – Unreliable Memories

Detail 2

Detail 2

The work consists of two panels. The back has screen prints of old family letters on 1 ply silk. The front panel has the same images printed in black and/or white on hand woven silk organza. These pieces have been over stitched, layered, cut up and reassembled. Each piece is held to each other by a few stitches and a fisherman’s knot in the corners.


Segments of the front printed and over stitched


Looking through the work

Front panel only

Front Panel only



Back panel only

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