The Gilded Cage

The Gilded Cage is my entry in the 2015 Common Threads Wearable Art Awards. The competition theme was Fabrication. The garment is made from CDs, super absorbent material used for nappy liners and plastic offcuts.

The Gilded Cage  Top Half

The Gilded CageImages by Tristan Jud.

Artist Statement –The construction of this garment is fabricated through the use of cutting, altering and assembly. Repetitively made units “manufactured” as such. The garment itself represents the fabrication of a story. A story shown to the world of how we want to appear, a layer of protection, a suit of armour and also our gilded cage. CDs have been used for the stories or data they hold and for their reflective qualities to repel the bad stuff, along with making the wearer appear bright, shiny and glamorous. The wrapped “fabric” has been screen printed with old family letters.

The garment was exhibited at CASM.(Contemporary Art Space Mandurah)

CASMCASM2CASM3CASM4You can read about the making of the Gilded Cage here.

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