Gelatine Printing

Colour Project – Purple, Part 4

I’ve only had one attempt at Gelatine Plate Printing – about a year ago. It’s one of those techniques you need to try before you can understand how it works, and then you can think about how you can use it.¬† I’ve been looking at the gelatin plate in the fridge for about a year now thinking I must have another go. Well on closer inspection the plate was a slimy mouldy mess…straight to the bin including the tray.

I now have a new Gelatine Plate…

Rayna Gillman’s book Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth which shows a variety of ways you can use a Gelatine plate to make a print from one texture inspired these samples.

The print below is made by laying fabric over an onion bag netting on the gelatin plate. Below this is the print on dyed silk from the plate after the onion bag is removed.

Below – Bubble wrap texture first print on cotton, below this the ghost or second print on dyed silk.

Below – another ghost print with the excess paint on the bubble wrap stamped onto the fabric.

Below – Potato Masher used as a texture, first print and below this the ghost print.

Using cotton lace doilies, a print over the doilies on the plate, the first print and ghost print.

The texture on the last two are from a rubber mat, stamped directly onto fabric as the texture on the gelatine plate was made and the first print.

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