Gelatine Prints to Complex Cloth

Colour Project – Green, Part 7

This set of samples are created from re working some of my first attempts at Gelatine Plate printing over a year ago. The Gelatine Plate is still in the fridge and appears to be  useable…I plan to do some more soon…

Left is the original piece, right – adding a Shiva Paint stick texture rubbing from a cane chair and a lead light window.

Above – Bubble wrap stamp print was added to a very dull piece of printing, Then right – some gold Shiva Stick roll/scraped onto the brown stripes.

The gelatine plate second print (also called shadow print) was great for a background to the stamping using corks, wood blocks and a foam cut stamp.

The original lace doily print left has been coloured with chalk pastels and then scraped over with fabric printing extender to seal the colour. All of the pieces above could still be over dyed or added to in other ways to create more depth and interest.

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