Grandma’s Box

“Grandma” is my Grandmother’s great grandmother. Her keepsake box of letters and memorabilia as been passed down the generations. One of her grandchildren wrote what she knew of the her story in 1972, my mother in the late ’80s complied an inventory and started to transcribe some of the letters. The box contains correspondence from family and friends, the earliest being 1869 through to 1903.

Grandma's great grandma

My Grandmother’s Great Grandmother

I have just had thermofax screens made by Linda Stokes from some of the letters. I am really pleased with these first few prints on cotton lawn and silk organza. I’m now sampling a few ideas before starting a new piece for the WAFTA members exhibition.

Letter stencil 1

First prints made from old letters

Letter stencil 2

Prints on Silk Organza

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