Guarding Secrets

This box arrived late last week. It has grown in size and accumulated address labels as it has travelled across Australia, through the middle, up and down the east coast and now back to Western Australia. Ruby on box 2Wearable Art Whispers is a project facilitated by artist Anzara Clarke and will be a part of Wearable Art Mandurah 2017. I am the last of seven artists to contribute to the project, each person adding their own unique piece to the garment, whilst responding to what has gone before. It was a delight to open the box and see the beautiful work the others have made. You, will have to wait…My Studio Supervisor is guarding the contents of this box.

 WAFTA members received their “Altered States” bags at the general meeting last night. The challenge is to create a small work (30 x30cm) from the contents of the bag which will then be exhibited in September…this is also a secret. A quick look in my bag…it is going to be a big challenge, one with lots of giggles 🙂 WAFTA Challenge Bag
Not so secret is the announcement last night of the WAFTA Fibres West 2017 Scholarship. I am delighted and very grateful to be the recipient of the scholarship. Fibres West is in July and I am really looking forward to spending a week away to immerse myself in everything textiles. A 5 day workshop with Amanda McCavour, along with lectures, activities and textile related events.
And finally last week I made an Artist page on facebook.
Louise Wells – Artist. An extremely simple process I discovered when I mentioned to the Gen Y in the house “I really should have a Facebook Artist Page” “Yes” he said, and proceeded to set it up for me quicker than I could login to my account…occasionally things really are that simple 🙂
My High School

And to really end – Last Saturday my High School celebrated its 50th year. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and also to be reminded of where my immersion in art began. I attended a specialist art program here for five years along with every other art and sewing class I could wiggle my way into.

5 thoughts on “Guarding Secrets

  1. Can’t wait to see the results of the Wearable Art Whispers project.
    Congratulations on your Fibreswest Scholarship win. Well deserved.
    Apology for the website error last night instead of Facebook page. Urgh.
    I can hear the groans and giggles on your bag contents. Suspect that’s the case all over Perth today!

    • Thanks Di. Ruby the dog was very excited about the contents of the challenge bag! I think it is going to be a good stretch out of our comfort zones 🙂
      And lots of fun!

      • Thank you for the encouragement. You’re the third recipient
        Who has been very enthusiastic about the contents and the Challenge.
        May I have a phone number for your Dad please? Re the Mens Shed.

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