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We did our own version of Home Delivery last week. Not the uber eats kind, the fascinating Julia Zemiro ABC series where she takes a person back to their childhood hometown kind.
My parents and I spent a lovely afternoon starting by checking out St Mary’s Church, Middle Swan where they were married, along with my Grandparents, my sister, myself and many other family members. My Great Grandparents are also buried here.
We drove past the site of my Great Grand parents house, also the locations of my Mum’s childhood home and those of several of her friends, houses no longer…carparks and shopping centres seem to have taken over.
My fathers childhood home is still there, and I drive past whenever I am nearby…it’s much, much smaller than I remember.
Mum pointed out lots of other places that were part of her childhood and teenage years; the local butcher, the dentist, the oval, all have stories, some good, some awful (especially the dentist).
Next we wandered around the Midland Railway workshops. Many family members worked here. Mum’s first job straight out of school was in the office.
Photo opportunities abound here if you have a love of doors, windows, peeling paint and old rusty things…
Then onto the Dome Cafe were we had coffee in a room that was Mum’s Year Two classroom when it was Midland Primary School.
The old school hall with Mum’s classroom in the distance.
Lastly, across the road to Midland High School, now Midland Junction Art Centre. Standing outside the building she said “That window on the left was my classroom”.  “That’s now the East Gallery were my exhibition is to be held!” I said. Who’d have thought!
I’ve known parts of these stories for many years and it was lovely to make the visual connections and hear delightful anecdotal stories along the journey. I strongly recommend an afternoon adventure like this.

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  1. What a wonderful tour of places that touch your family history. It also touches mine, as my great great great grandfather was the Rev. William Mitchell, first rector of St Mary’s church. Beautiful photos!

  2. You can’t beat long time Western Australians (talking those with heritages dating back to the 1830s on the Swan) for their appreciation of the old sites. I too have relatives buried at the Middle Swan Church and I too have connections with the descendants of William Mitchell. Thanks for these great images Louise. Look forward to artwork inspired by it!

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