I had a lovely escape on Saturday…

It is less than a month until the opening of our MELD exhibition. Although all the works are complete there is still a lot to do when you are organising it yourselves. I have just send out all the invites and Liz Arnold is busy preparing a fantastic catalogue. We also have three birthday parties in our house in three weeks! So an escape on Saturday to a REmida workshop was pure joy (and somewhat indulgent considering how much I have to do at present)

The workshop was organised by Barb Thoms, Festival Arts Officer at the City of Mandurah to explore ideas for the 2015 Common Threads Wearable Art awards using recycled materials.

I had been wanting to visit REmida for a while, it was great opportunity to see what they have and to explore possibilities.


Stickers, contact, foils, paper…


Melamine samples – I know an artist who made gorgeous earrings from these 20 years ago!


Picture frame offcuts


Extruded plastic scraps

IMG_6492IMG_6489They have two rooms full of clean industry wasteIMG_6487IMG_6486IMG_6484IMG_6483IMG_6482It was a morning of “just play”, see how the materials can be put together… IMG_6501 Some participants made some amazing things. My piece fell apart before I could photograph it…IMG_6502I tried to rescue it by wrapping some cellophane…unfortunately this idea came very close to the end of the workshop.IMG_6503 I have brought home aluminum tubing, a large perspex circle (about 1.5m diameter) a plastic lid, sheets of plastic grid and a very large bag of nappy liners!

Believe it or not I have ideas for how these materials can become part of my entry for the 2015 Common Threads Wearable Art awards

Oh, and Barb Thoms showed us a copy of the latest Downunder Textiles  – Issue 16. There is an article about the Common Threads Wearable Art exhibition 2014 featuring among others Once




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