I’d rather be in the studio

Several years ago WAFTA had a guest speaker talking about her arts practice and at the end of the night she mentioned how she spends 1/3 of her time applying for grants, a 1/3 of her time on art admin and a 1/3 of her time making art. My naive self thought this was ridiculous…why would I want to be doing anything else but making art, in the studio?

I now know to show/exhibit/promote your work does take a good chunk of time. I also now know how enjoyable mostly enjoyable this can be. Finding exhibitions to enter, making artist statements clear enough for the audience to understand the work, helps me to understand the work too. Writing C Vs, bios, applications and such develop a cohesive sense of my practice as a whole. Blogging the processes of making my works helps me see how works have developed from my original idea and all the bumps along the way. Blogging is also a great record for myself of what I have been doing all year and my progress over the years. Days like the Common Threads Judging day are great fun and a great way to meet like minded fellow artists. Being part of a small committee like twentyONE+  is a wonderful learning experience, helps me think beyond my current framework, learn new skills, along with the opportunity to meet and work with great people in the arts field.

Alyson Stanfield’s book I’d rather be in the studio talks about the “business” of having an arts practice. Subscribing to her weekly blog is a constant reminder of what is required. Often in simple doable steps. Her year end review among others, I have found very useful.

So to say I haven’t spent much time “in the studio” of late is correct. A fair bit of socialising, my daughter’s school ball, son’s birthday,  jury and judging days and then away in McLaren Vale SA for Easter.

McLaren Vale 3McLaren Vale 2

McLaren Vale 4Lovely beaches, yummy food, great wines…McLaren Vale 1I try to “do something” always so have been hand stitching small circles over the past week or so and whilst we were away.circlesMy beloved camera has died so this last image is from my iPad, not the best quality…

Yesterday I visited two excellent textile exhibitions.
Improbable Returns at Heathcote Gallery. The work of Elisa Markes-Young (who’s work I have loved for a long time) and her husband photographer Christopher Young. The show closes next weekend 10 April.

over here at Nyisztor Studio until 1st May. The stunning work of five contemporary artists who live and practice in Albany WA. I am looking forward to their artist floor talk on saturday 16th April @ 6pm

It’s back to the studio now as I have a rather interesting and short deadline exhibition I want to enter.

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    • It’s a pleasure to share your book and blog. Your weekly posts arriving in my inbox are full of great tips and practical steps for an arts practice, and a reminder to keep going!

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