I’m Finished!

The past few weeks has been all about the finishing details of the work for my exhibition.
Buttons seemed like a very appropriate way to finish these pieces. Who doesn’t have a button tin? I loved digging through Mum’s button tin as a child, and still did as I searched for the right button for each piece. So many of these buttons have a memory to me…Spare buttons from hand made cardigans, dresses and jackets, precious buttons removed to be recycled before a garment was thrown out. My own button tin, it’s like carbon dating my wardrobe and the clothes I made for my young children.
Below – I’ve used leftover vintage fabric scraps for the backings of these canvases.
Off cuts from the framing of these works hints at what might be on the other side… 
Backings, labels and hooks have been stitched into place.
All the work was photographed last Friday 
After that, I treated myself to some lovely fabrics from Woven Stories Textiles
Now I have a blank design wall  – ready for Catalogue preparation and lots of writing!

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